ZooVentures Zoo Visits - Live and Interactive with Zoom

Join Sally, our Zoologist and Zookeeper for fun and engaging experiences at your home or school. Through the wonders of Zoom we offer live and interactive education for students of all ages.



Attention Teachers!


A fun and educational school 'trip' that doesn't involve any contact, buses, extra staff or logistical challenges!

ZooVentures brings all the pets and reptile stars direct to you for an hour of fun and learning. A great way to end the year!

There will be a 'dragon' feeding demonstration, cute and fluffy pets, tortoise vs turtle, chinchilla dust bath explosion, mouse treadmill challenge, giant skinks, gorgeous geckos, a rose cockatoo, Remington the 'velociraptor' lizard and more! This visit includes an exciting mix of all types of animals that students will love!

Plenty of opportunites to ask our zookeeper questions and be involved in the session.

$125 + gst

Recommended for a single class or learning hub (one screen) for maximum interaction.




More ZooVentures Classroom Visits - Live and Interactive at your School, Learning Centre

Choose a topic or we will tailor a session to reflect your theme or inquiry. Worksheets included for most topics to reinforce learning. Duration 45mins - 1 hour.


Amazing Adaptations

We look at how animals 'fit' their habitats, stay safe from predators and generally thrive and survive. With a 'focus on feet' slant we look at the paws and claws of a number of animals and see how they are all perfectly adapted to thrive and survive.


Journey through the Animal Kingdom

Take a journey through the animal kingdom and learn how scientists make sense of so many animals! We start with creepy crawlies and then meet fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Animals featured are stick insects, minnows, axolotls, blue tounge skinks, rose cockatoo, rabbits, and dogs.


Endangered Animals

This session features mice, chinchillas, tortoises, frogs, and newts. With the help of these amazing creatures, we illustrate the main reasons why animals become endangered and ultimately extinct - introduced species, hunting and poaching, habitat loss, and pollution. New Zealand examples included.


Live Lizards!

Learn about these fascinating reptiles and how they live. We look at some of their adaptations and why this ancient group continues to thrive. There will be bearded dragons, blue tongue skinks, leopard geckos, and a huge water dragon to meet.


ZooVentures Cuteness Overload

An awesome opportunity to meet and learn about all the furry members of the ZooVentures team. This session also provides some great inspo for creative writers.

Animals featured include mice, chinchillas, guinea pigs, dwarf and giant rabbits, pomeranian pups and the occassional appearance of one of the ZooVentures rescue cats.


Petkeeping with ZooVentures - Mice and Guinea Pigs

Learn how to care for these popular pets from purchase through to diet, handling, and general care. Star participants are the 10 ZooVentures mice, the exotic Peruvian long-haired guinea pigs and other breeds.


Petkeeping with ZooVentures - Frogs and Turtles

For all budding zookeepers and pet enthusiasts, learn how to be a responsile frog keeper from tadpole onwards. Meet the ZooVentures frogs and watch a 'frogarium' being constructed. We will also learn about turtle keeping and meet red ear sliders and snake necked turtles.


How to be a Responsible Petkeeper

Choose any of our animals for an overview of what it means to take care of pets and what to consider before adopting. A broad overview with plenty of animals on show that will encourage class discussion around the ethics of bringing animals into our lives.


Home Educators

Invite a maximum of 10 famililes/screens to participate.


Early Childhood Centres - Junior Safari

Mat time fun with ZooVentures! Tell us your children's interests or we'll do the 'Virtual Zoo Trip' as above for you. We send you ideas for fun activities before and after the session.


All sessions $125 + gst each

Recommended for a single class group or learning hub (one screen).

To book please email phone 027 2245987 or email info@zooventures.co.nz