Our Story

Hi, I'm Sally from ZooVentures :)


ZooVentures started life over ten years ago in a classroom attached to a pet store. I sold the pet store and kept the educational side of the business, which continues to grow, both in popularity and the number of animals!

My interest in nature and science started as a child with ‘pet’ snails, caterpillar diaries, much time spent staring into rock pools, and a lot of pets! This animal obsession continued through to University where I studied zoology and then environmental science at postgraduate level.


I deliver most of the ZooVenture experiences myself, which means you are guaranteed a top quality experience not only from someone with an extensive knowledge and a passion for animals but also the owner of the business.


I love inspiring others about all our amazing creatures, and whether it’s a birthday party or a school workshop, I aim to make the experience both fun and educational.


Our Animals

Everyone asks how many animals we have and I’m not sure I’ve ever given a truly accurate answer! At times there are hundreds of baby fire bellied newts or countless stick insects which makes it tricky to get the number totally right. We normally have over 30 species of animals at any one time, and often quite a few of each!


Small pets and exotics are our specialty. There is an exciting collection of reptiles, with stunning little leopard geckos, very snakey blue tongue skinks, super cute tortoises and huge turtles, plus some rather impressive dragon lizards. We also have frogs and other awesome amphibians, fish, rock pool creatures, birds, and even ‘minibeasts'.


Chinchilla squirrels are also part of the ZooVentures team  and are joined by fellow furry creatures such as dwarf rabbits, exotic breed guinea pigs, rats and lots of mice. The most popular of all the fluffy pets are our performing pups, always a favourite with clever tricks and lots of cuddles.


Our Mission

We aim to provide educational and inspirational experiences with animals in a positive and responsible way.


Please feel free to contact me about your event or for workshops. Connect with ZooVentures on Facebook to keep up to date with events near you. I look forward to meeting all my fellow animal lovers soon!


Sally Hibbard

Owner / Facilitator