Fun and Learning with Amazing Pets

and Exotic Creatures!


Birthday Parties for Animal-Mad Children & Teenagers from just $250

+ In-School Education, Animal Careers Workshops & Events



For animal lovers, a Pet Party is fantastic fun, and provides a stress free and very different entertainment option for memorable birthdays. Pet Parties are loved by boys, girls, teenagers and even adults! As well as being a lot of fun, Pet Parties are educational too, and always reinforce the importance of kindness and respect towards animals.


As well as for the fives and up, a Pet Party is a great experience for older children and teenagers with an interest in animals. We provide an age appropriate experience with lots of fun and interaction, without guests feeling like they're at a 'little kids' party.


Either have the party at your place, with amazing pets and exotic animals for loads of fun activities, or come to our awesome Stanmore Bay venue where ALL the pets live. From feeding bearded dragons and holding baby tortoises to creating animal habitats, grooming long haired guinea pigs and lots more animal adventures, party guests are guaranteed a great time and will learn lots too!


We have popular 'fluffy' pets such as mice, guinea pigs, chinchillas and rabbits, through to a great line-up of lizards, tortoises, turtles, birds and amphibians, as well as our clever little pups, Margo and Badger. There are even giant stick insects in summer!


Pet Parties are hands on fun and learning which allow guests to interact with the animals in a safe supervised environment. Our party hosts are enthusiastic and knowledgeable and will make your birthday celebration or event a special day to remember.


We are available to come to you throughout the Hibiscus Coast, North Shore, and central Auckland suburbs.

Our venue is on Karepiro Drive, Stanmore Bay - 10 minutes from the Silverdale offramp. Venue visits by appointment only. Please contact us for address details.



We find the best way to organise your 'at home' party is to have guests arrive at least 15 minutes before our start time – so everyone benefits from our introduction and animal rules. We provide the entertainment and then afterwards have your party food, cake and presents. We just need enough space to have guests (10-12) sit in a circle on our mat with activities in the middle and small cages around the outside. Lounges, garages, playrooms, patios, under trees and even carports work!




Special pricing for term-time after school parties at our venue:

1 hour $250, 1.5 hours $310


Also available weekends at your place or ours.






For the welfare of our animals we require party guests to follow basic instructions around the animals and remain reasonably CALM. This type of party is great fun for most children but will not suit those who have trouble sitting quietly for any length of time. Parents must advise us of any known behavioral conditions of guests. We may ask a caregiver to sit with any children that could potentially be disruptive or harm animals. Our parties are a unique and special experience for children because of their hands-on nature. We take the care and safety of our animals very seriously and will not allow rough handling.